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How to Prepare for an Opportunity Classes Test

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The opportunity class placement program is a two-year educational program in New South Wales, Australia dedicated to outstanding Year 5 and Year 6 students who would like to learn with others just like them. There are currently around 78 government-aided schools in NSW that serve as venues for these classes. The program’s primary goal is to create an intellectual and innovative educational backdrop for some of the Australian state’s academic cream of the crop.

The NotesEdu test is prepared by the Australian Council of Education and Research (ACER) and is administered by the same every year in the month of July. However, considering the competitiveness of the test, parents are advised to prepare their children right.

Cultivating Reading Habits

Students who have taken the opportunity class test usually say that the questions are a mix of different levels of difficulty. Reading is a student’s best weapon when answering tricky questions. Therefore, it would be wise for parents to get their kids in a reading program that will surely boost their comprehension. Learn more at

Tutoring for Test Takers

Consistency is the secret when it comes to passing the opportunity class exam. This is why test-specific tutoring is a must - students can answer practice questions regularly and develop reading habits under the supervision of a teacher who has direct program experience and can thus share techniques known only to insiders. Personalized tutoring is even more effective than group tutoring, in light of the fact that different children learn in different ways. You may click for more facts here.

Solid Academic Background

Obviously, students with more solid fundamentals in Math, especially geometry, basic arithmetic, and graphs; Reading (comprehension); and general ability (completing sequences and finding patterns and relationships) have a higher chance of passing the opportunity class test. Hence, parents should begin preparing right from their children’s initial school years instead of cramming as the children reach Year 4.

Based on their previous school performance, it is not difficult to determine the extent of practice a student needs to make it to the opportunity class program out of almost 1000 other candidates who usually turn up for the test each year.

Practice Tests

The test runs for one hour, and each of the two sections is given 30 minutes each. This means that answers don’t only have to be accurate but quick as well. A good way to meet this requirement is by taking practice tests on a regular basis, especially on Math, which tends to cause the most anxiety among test takers. One-hour tests daily can help develop consistency and lessen, if not totally eradicate, this anxiety. Additionally, students can check sample OC placement tests given by the NSW Department of Education to get themselves used to the types of questions and patterns around which the exam is formulated.